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ID Code P6P, PMC  
U.S. Domestic Code M-1(Main Deck)  
Aircraft Types & Main
or Lower Deck
747F & 747-COMBI Main Deck
767 Lower Deck.
Refer Note 6,4
Rate Class 2H  
Internal Volume Limiting -  
Internal Dimensions -  
Maximum Gross Weight M.D 6800 kg 15000 lb
L.D 5035 kg 11100lb
Tare Weight (Incl. net) 110 kg 242 lb  


Special units are available for outsize cargo. Also animal stalls for Horses, Cattle, Sheep etc. Availability is limited and advance arrangements necessary. Check with Qantas for details.


  1. This unit may also be loaded on the main deck of 747F and 747 COMBI.
    Maximum gross weight is then 6800 kg / 15000 lb.
    On 767, maximum gross weight is 5035 kg / 11100 lb. 
  2. Actual tre weights vary from 77 kg / 170 lb to 460 kg / 353 lb depending on manufacturer's model.
  3. This unit is available only on 767 routes.
  4. Advance arrangements needed for carriage on 747 lower deck.
  5. Actual tare weights vary from 200 kg / 441 lb to 272 kg / 600 lb depending on manufacturer's models.
  6. For lower deck use:
    Max. height limited to 163 cm / 64 in.
    Max. wt. limited to 5035 kg / 11100 lb.

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Note: We are unable to assist with personal effects clearances.