In an ever-increasing regulatory framework, the importance of understanding your responsibilities as an importer or as an exporter has never been so important.

Compliance requirements and associated documentation can be complicated and can easily add further costs to shipments if not accurately provided.

Specifically understanding your cargo, its customs and bio security identification, is especially important in ensuring that you are maximising savings and understanding your possible risks at every stage.

Our specialist advisory services assists customers with understanding their freight risks and can develop economical solutions to ensure shipments are optimally managed and unnecessary costs are avoided. Call us to start planning your next shipment.

Customs Consultancy

With our team of licensed brokers our consultancy services allow us to work with your business to ensure that you are making the most from the Australian Border force legislation, relevant Australian Border force and Australian government initiatives and instruments that may provide benefit to your business and customers.

Our Brokers can provide expert advice in:

Free Trade Agreement Consultancy

With Australia now party to 15 free trade agreements (as of October 2021) and with 7 current free trade agreements (as of October 2021) under negotiation are you imported or exported goods qualifying for potential duty-free concession?

Our team of licensed brokers can assist you navigating these agreements in confirming qualification and product compliance under a standing agreement.

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